The Coral Castle of Miami is referred to as America’s Stonehenge, which is one man single-handedly built shrine. It is located in the suburbs of Miami, and it is one of the great head-scratching mysteries of Florida. It is a sculpture garden that is made of 1,100 tons of coral rock that makes it a more fascinating and unusual attraction in South Florida. It is a feast for the eyes to see the mind-bending craved rocks sculpture garden, a 40ft long obelisk, 18,000lb gate, and throne room.


The coral castle has nine tones and tree-tones gates that are so balanced and move with the touch of a child’s finger. A coral gate with a geometric landscape surrounds the sculptural garden. The geometric landscape includes the sundial carved out of coral rock that tells the time, Polaris telescope that is aligned to the North Star. This coral castle also has a giant heart-shaped coral table.

America’s Stonehenge not only tells the tale of the man who created this coral castle, Edward Leedskalnin but also his inspiration behind this oolite limestone structure. In short, if we say you will see something fascinating and unusual, it won’t be wrong. Its gift shop carries a lot of unique gifts for tourists that include natural stones, collectibles, jewelry, science gifts, and more. Coral castle opens every day and is available for weddings or other private events.

Coral Castle Address

28655 S Dixie Highway, Homestead, Miami, FL, United States

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Phone Number: +1 305/248-6345 

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