If you have just lost a tooth or two, you must be aware by now that how losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It does not end up just creating a space between the teeth but a loss of self-confidence and ruining the beautiful smile as well. This can also lead to physical pain and cause other problems. However, the problem can be surely fixed with the help of medical advancements like a dental implant procedure.

If you have heard of the same solution, then it is obvious that your mind is full of many questions right now. Starting from what is it about to how long it can take?

Dental Implant Procedure

What is a Dental Implant?

It is a surgical element that goes inside the joints of the jaw and skull and remains there as an interface to protect further thrust in the dental area and give it longevity. You might be aware of several dental prostheses such as the crown, bridge, denture, etc. This implant protects all such enhancements easily.

In other words, dental implants are basically metal posts that replace the root portion of the missing tooth.

The procedure of dental Implant is conducted by a moderate surgery. It can be expensive but very durable as it can last successfully for decades.

How long would it take to complete the dental implant procedure?

Wondering how many hours you might have to sit on the dental chair to get the dental implant procedure done? You are quite not sure what you are getting into?

Well to make things clearer, let’s walk through the steps so you can have a clearer understanding of the procedure of dental implant.

Dental exam

The procedure of dental implant starts with a dental exam. In this process, the health of your mouth is checked which includes conducting X-rays and 3D scans. It does not matter how familiar the dentist is with your oral condition, the step is very much required to be done. Doing this would help the dentist to understand the strength of the jaw bones and develop a treatment that can benefit you.

Implant surgery

This is the second step of the dental implant procedure which comes after the completion of the dental exam. Your dentist would schedule a surgery for you where the implant process is done.

To be specific a titanium implant in your jawbone would be placed right below the gums. This process can take about two to three hours approximately.

Once it is done, your dentist will schedule you after three months before the final restoration takes place of the tooth replacement. You may find it frustrating to wait for three months, but the time is actually needed for the healing.

Post-surgery recovery

This is another step that comes under the dental implant procedure. Once the surgery has been done some people may face bruising or pain. This usually happens depending on how much work the dentist had to do to install the implant.

The chances of pain and bruises can be higher if the dentist had to remove a tooth to continue with the dental implant procedure.

As mentioned above, the time of post-surgery can be expected to be around three months which is needed to heal the gums and jawbone.

Abutment and crown fitting

Here comes the last procedure in Dental implant which is done after the implant has been healed.

In order to make it a perfect fitting through the areas of abutment and crown, this process requires the gums to be kept open and exposed.

Once the abutment has become secure, the new and artificial crown is fitted which completes the dental implant process.

Not to mention, the process of a dental implant can be lengthy but they are totally worth the wait as they are strong and reliable just like natural teeth.

Are Same-Day Implants possible and what are they?

The short answer to this is yes, a dental implant procedure can be performed on the same day. It is totally possible to have a same-day implant. This process starts from fitting the crown, bridge, and denture on the top of the dental implant straight away.

In other words, you would be provided with a replacement tooth on the very same day. Thus it is to inform you that not every patient is suitable for the same-day implant. This is why it is highly recommended to consult with your dentist properly before making any kind of decision.