Having a missing tooth does not mean your smile has been ruined. The space can cause problems in eating and even talking. Sometimes jaw pain and bone loss can also happen in worse conditions. Every year more than 50 thousand people prefer to receive dental implant surgery where they need to consult and get operated on by dental implants specialist.

It is a great way to replace missing teeth and there are several providers who offer this solution. If you are unaware, then know that getting an implant done requires moderate surgery. And when it comes to oral care, it is recommended to understand which type of dentist can do the implant in a better way. But first, let’s find out why you may need dental implant surgery.

Why Do You Need Surgery by a Professional Dental Implants Specialist?

People around the world have been into situations that have caused them to lose their teeth. This is when medical advancements like Dental implants surgery have come to the rescue to aid the issue. Anyone with one or more missing teeth can go for this procedure.

Usually, people prefer choosing dentures or bridges to resolve the problem and feel like having real teeth. But the Dental implants are considered more durable than any other option. As you have already read earlier, the problem comes because of having missing teeth.


Seeking help from a dental implants specialist helps in providing a permanent base for a single crown. The procedure of dental implant is considered to be quite invasive which is why it is important to understand who can carry it out perfectly.

 Who is Qualified to work Dental Implants Specialist for you?

If you are wondering which dental implants specialist can be perfect for your surgery, then here are a list of some professionals whom you can count on.

Dental Implants Specialist

General dentist

Not every general dentist is a specialist in dental implants, but with changing times, the growth of the ones who do this surgery is increasing. However, when we talk about any regular dentists, then they are the ones who offer preventative care and handle the generic dental restoration process.


Next comes the Periodontist who is highly trained to be a dental implant specialist. They basically treat the gums and jawbones. So if your general dentist does not have enough experience, then you can count on a Periodontist.

Oral surgeon

Oral surgeons are highly skilled professionals who offer surgeries related to teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth. They are knowledgeable and can be a better choice for your dental implant.


Prosthodontists are also specialists in dental implants. They repair tooths, replace missing ones, and fix the damaged ones. So you can count on them without any doubt.

Cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentists’ main focus remains on the overall appearance of your teeth and smile. They always prefer to go for dental implants rather than dentures and bridges. Some may be of help in this situation, while others may need the help of an oral surgeon.

Replacing the missing teeth is important!!

The choice of who to visit for your dental care is extremely personal and consulting any particular dental implants specialist depends on multiple factors. You should know that replacing the missing teeth is far more important than you think. It is because your dental health matters the most.