Downtown Doral Introduction

Downtown Doral is Miami’s primary community center. It has loads of entertainment and business venues. Whether for business or pleasure, Downtown Doral is the best possible locale!

Downtown Doral Residency

If you’re looking for a popping place to live, then Downtown Doral is the perfect place! The entire lush green community caters to cyclists and pedestrians. There’s also a community pool and the local Downtown Doral Park! Parents will also be happy to learn that there are bilingual elementary and charter upper schools that will help prepare their kids for the global job market.
Apartments for single units and families alike.
Townhomes for those wanting to be a part of the community.
Luxury condominiums for those who want to live luxuriously.

Downtown Doral Employment Opportunities

Located just a few minutes from the Miami International Airport, Downtown Doral is a great place to find your career! There is even a corporate park with five pristine office buildings. Head to the Offices at Downtown Doral and start your job interview! There is also a Government Center for those with government jobs.

Downtown Doral Delights

Local businesses can be found at the “upscale retail center” so shopping is more than a pleasure, it’s a part of the community. All the shops are artfully designed and provide a variety of entertainment.

Downtown Doral Information

Contact Information: 305-392-5800