Memorial Introduction

A group of Holocaust survivors banned together in 1984 to create a lasting memorial to the six million victims of Nazi Germany. Since South Florida has one of the highest populations of Holocaust survivors in the US, placing the memorial at Miami Beach felt like the right thing to do. It is important to remember the atrocities committed throughout history so we the public can be empowered to make sure they never happen again. We can even go further and reflect on our own life choices. The victims of the holocaust were treated like livestock; it is something that no one, human or otherwise should ever have to go through.

Memorial Importance

Kenneth Treister was tasked with conveying the despair of millions by designing the memorial. “Each one probably died thinking that no one would ever care, no one would ever know, no one would ever remember.” These are his words and they honor his mission to make sure that their loss will not be forgotten. This memorial took over four years to build and was met with backlash from many parties, but it still stands today and reminds us just how important our past is.

Memorial Experiences

The memorial is of course open to the public but there is a donation box for those who wish to contribute.
There are also guided tours for groups and classes.
Special events are held often and are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Memorial Information

To find out more information to this historic site.

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach
1933-1945 Meridan Ave. Miami Beach, Fl, 33139

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