Park Introduction

Parks are more than a place for recreation, they are a place to renew our spirits! It cannot be understated how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by the vital energy of plants and our fellow animals. This park is just a small trip for local Floridians. Think of it, peace and serenity are just a drive away.

Park Activities

Bird-watching: come join a tour group to learn about the many vibrant local bird species and enjoy their unique personalities!
Boating School: bring your own boat and launch it for less that $20! Sign up and learn the ins and outs of boating!
Kiteboarding: for the more adventurous tourists, you can sign up to go kite-boarding on Florida’s beautiful beaches.
Picnicking: have a small picnic by bringing your own towel or purchase a picnic shelter event that holds up to 75 occupants!
Have fun at the lake and seeing what animals you can spot!
Relax on the hammock or just soak up the rays!

Park Information



9610 Old Cutler Road Miami, FL
Hours of Operation
Sunrise – Sunset
Office Hours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Park Office