SkyRise Introduction

SkyRise Miami is a skyscraper built to be an internationally recognized icon. The structure tilts toward South America, visually depicting our hospitality toward our neighbors. The creator, Jeff Berkowitz, designed it to serve as an “abstract version” of the Statue of Liberty. With a forty-mile long view from the observation, this building is both a sight to behold and a great locale to see the majestic ocean and city lights.

SkyRise Attractions

SKYPLUNGE- A 55MPH tether fall through the structure
FLYING THEATRE- An interactive cinema simulation experience
SKYWAY- A tour around the building inside a spherical elevator
SKYFLY- A zero gravity trip through a tunnel to the very top of the tower
SKYLEDGE- A see-through floor 600 ft above the ground
DARK RIDE- A family fun rails experience complete with laser guns
And more!

SkyRise Entertainment

This cultural icon is not only an interactive theme park. The building is designed to be a behemoth of entertainment. There are docks where native Floridians and tourists alike can park and explore the building. A massive ballroom, meetings and events with special guests and a sponsored cruise are only a handful of the entertainment opportunities available. Check out the music venue, bar and even hold a wedding at this unique locale!

SkyRise Information

The building is slated to be completed by 2020 and is located at the Miami Bayside Marketplace. For more information check out the website link below!
Contact Information: 305-487-8335