As we created our website, we thought we should incorporate some of the typical pages you find on a website, but I must say, the “About Us” page was by far the most challenging! If we tell you our story, you may get bored and stop reading. If we tell you what we do, you may think…” what’s so different about their coupons?” So let’s just put it this way, we care about our community and want to help it grow and thrive! If our community grows, we all succeed.

So you may be thinking, how do we help our community? Well, this Kendalldeals website is the link between you and your community. If you live in Kendall or are even just visiting friends or family, support your community by using its coupons. Look through the deals, and you will find many businesses in the Kendall area advertising their products and services and welcoming you into their store with a valued coupon.
Thus far we have a wide variety of businesses offering coupons, from restaurants to electronics, personal care, pet care, health, and much more. The more you use the coupons, the faster the list of business will increase, and the stronger our community will become.

Start scrolling and let our website introduce you to your exciting Kendall community!

Thank you
Julio del Solar