Hyperloop One Introduction

The hyperloop train will change travel in Florida forever. Whether heading to Orlando theme parks or Miami’s beaches, this train will travel three-hundred and five miles per hour to turn your three-hour car trip into a smooth thirty minute ride. With bright blue rings of light speeding by, travel two-hundred in seventy five miles to your next vacation spot in a tenth of the time.

Hyperloop One Mechanics

The sleek black train has a carbon fiber shell and a chassis that levitates magnetically. It travels through a low-pressure tube and utilizes solar panels to get you where you need to be. The plan is for the route to go through rural areas to connect the Orlando International Airport to the Miami International airport, with potential plans for a Port Miami destination as well. More than just a tool for travel, this train will bring cargo from Miami to Orlando and vice-versa, giving us quicker access to products of all kinds.

The Hyperloop Connection

The hyperloop team doesn’t just connect airports, it connects people. The company is working with agencies and private enterprises to find out how they can get involved in the process. Tesla and the SpaceX group held a competition and the Florida hyperloop train is one of only ten winners to be selected for this golden opportunity. Elon Musk has a vision of a more energy efficient future and the Hyperloop One will emerge out of concept into reality in 2021.

Hyperloop One Information

Read about the history of this project, use the route estimator and keep updated on the Hyperloop’s development on the website link below!


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