Kendall patio paver ideas

Kendall paver patio ideas

Kendall paver patio ideas

Incorporating your Kendall patio paver ideas into your yard should be one of the goals of your design. This back patio does a great job of creating a waterfall effect that flows nicely right into the grass.

The brick pavers are laid in a semi-offset boxed pattern, diagonally across the house. The pavers bordering the grass are laid in a double vertical style, which makes elegant long arches easier to achieve than other styles. The upper level of the terrace follows the same arched theme, but the walls are topped with flat finishing stones that are cut to continue the curved walls.

Backyard Ideas Inspiration Paver Patio Designs

Integrated seating is one of the benefits that a patio can benefit from stone pavers. Quite often you can use the same paver bricks that you used for the patio, but if you prefer a different look, you can get creative and mix up styles.

This stone patio is constructed with stone pavers in an offset coffer mat pattern. The stone columns and hearth are constructed with a simple running link pattern, while the walls and benches use a more haphazard stacked style. The result is a beautiful patio and fireplace that will be a pleasure to entertain you.

Backyard Pattern Paver Patio Ideas with Built-in Fireplace

Simple brick patterns make great inexpensive paver patio ideas. This patio is a nice addition to a small backyard. This particular space benefits from a well-integrated fireplace to relax on cool nights.

The masonry of the patio is as traditional as it comes. The bricks are laid in a herringbone pattern for the main living room, while the border is a pencil line inlay. The half-wall behind the fireplace is built with stone bricks laid continuously.

Backyard  patio paver ideas Stone Pattern

There is nothing better than sitting on the terrace by the pool on a beautiful summer day. The sharp curves and angles of this patio and pool make for an interesting layout for entertaining and lounging.

We would like to draw special attention to the magnificent concrete pavers used for this pool area. The pavers are laid in a non-traditional windmill pattern, using a few different sizes to cover the walkway and seating area. Also, the recessed fireplace area with its slate tile inlay is a nice touch against the concrete edging.

Circular Cobblestone Kendall Patio Stone Ideas 

Round patios can be a challenge. The fireplace and sitting area are good examples of what can be done when the installer knows what he is doing.

These brick pavers are installed in a circular pattern around a fire pit and inlay of mats, before settling into the rest of the patio along with the house. The result is a lovely seating area that separates a garden bed from a courtyard, perfect for lounging around the fire.

Contemporary Ideas for Paver Patio Backyard

Most landscape architects will tell you to avoid sharp, square corners, but we think this back patio does a good job of making it work. The square edges and corners are complemented by curved garden beds that will help soften them.

These concrete pavers vary in size, and the brick inlay nicely breaks up the beige stone field. Use colors and edging like this to break up large, unbroken areas of pavers with little color variation.