South Beach Introduction

It’s no secret that the biggest lure for tourists to visit Miami is our beautiful beaches! Miami’s South Beach is the place to be if you want some fun in the sun, a refreshing swim or a memorable vacation! This site is more than just a beach though. You’ll be blown away by how much there is to do at this gorgeous locale!

South Beach Entertainment

Whether day or night, South Beach is a thriving experience! If you’re in the area be sure to try out some of the following!
Come early to see the sunrise!
Enjoy fine dining or casual cuisine by the beautiful ocean!
Marvel at the historic Art Deco architecture!
Visit Haulover Park for recreational fun like biking, tennis and golf!
Explore an assortment of different museums.
Have a blast at the many shops!

South Beach Oceanside

The main attraction at South Beach isn’t the glamorous building or even the social experience, it’s a personal journey with the ocean!
Get your feet in the glistening white sand. Take a swim in clean, clear blue water around the colorful line up of buildings. South Beach is a vacation spot brimming with life, whether on the beachside or in the glorious waves!

South Beach Information